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"Nativity Unleashed" film


Karen Allen -Patreon Club monthly Giver

Beverly Brooks - $50

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Deshaun Brown -$50

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Kim Baxton - $100

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Gerald Goldsmith -$20

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Thomas Phillips -$10

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Edith Malachi X- $10

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Jackie Abram-$10

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Regina Marity - $25

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Layla Grant -$20

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Dr. Shirlene Holmes $8


Bryan & Lauren Haire ($100)

Al & Janet Roberts ($100)

Terrian Cobbs ($30)

Brent Williams ($30)

Gerald Goldsmith ($60)

Maria Hyacinth James ($30)

Derrian Slayton ($300)

Karen Washington ($450)

U.S. Fighting Championships LLC

Sandra Stanback-Perkins


Grace Hill

Lady Karen Allen

Monica Drayton

Nolen Johnson

Octavia Pugh

Tea Simmons

Nikita Livingston

Kenny Williams



Judy Binns-Scales

Jullian Vernon

Dione Smith

Evelyn Hines

Woody Willis

Cadijah Hyacinth

Jonna Clark Cade

Mazola McCoy

Yvonne Peters

Alberta Hill 

Ken Warner

Alfreda McNeill

Ken Smith

Tasha Rencher

Stephen Dean

Angel Jerrell

Ayana Wise

Mark Binns

Dr. Joyce

Byron Javonne Deloatch

Cynthia Gatson
Lorenzo Hall
Isna Summerlin
Tessa Williams

Tunisia Fennell

Melody Moore

Julie Caldwell-Hawk

Austin Harris

Michelle Haire
Brian Holt
Consuela Tiggs
Patricia Paul
Ken Foster
Ken Foster

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Al & Janet Roberts
Al & Janet Roberts

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Kenny Williams
Kenny Williams

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Ken Foster

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"Nativity Unleashed” offers a present-day comedic approach to the nativity story.  Amid the laughter, the audience is suddenly exposed to gut wrenching side plots that are life realities today. We experience family dysfunction and healing. It exposes some truths that most are not aware of, and others overlook.

Please help me raise the funds to finance the film project.  No donation is too small, not even $1.